The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earthquake Updates

As of Monday morning, American Airlines has once again closed flights into Haiti and will not reopen them until the weekend. We are trying to decide how to rework the trip around this set-back. Please pray for us as we follow the Lord's leading. --Jen

Haiti Update #3 from our President. (Sunday Jan 17th, 2010)
Thank you for your incredible prayerful consideration for the plight of our precious friends and children in Haiti. I am copying to you notes I have sent to our Hope Board which will give you a bit of an update on our efforts so far. A significant part of our trip this week will be to detail plans for future relief and rebuilding efforts. If anyone feels led to be part of a team effort to Haiti, an e-mail to me deliniating your availability to travel, length of stay, dates available and interests and skills will help. Or reply to this message. Again, Thank you for caring. I will update you as we go along...dan

Saturday, January 16. Hello all. I spoke this morning to Jean Alix and he requested that along with water filters and meds that we would bring any tents we can get our hands on. We are beginning to go get refugees from Carrefour and bring them up the mountain. Obviously, they must be very light peight and simole to assemble. We have talked to American Air and we will be limited to two check-ons of 50lbs each plus a carry-on of 45lbs. We will travel out of our carry ons, filling our check-ons with essential relief supplies. I'm requesting your help in finding tents that will work for us. Please call me if you find something or know where we can buy them. We have 100 water filters that we think will fit in one of our check ons. Thanks for praying!!! Keep it up!

Dan Kirkley
Hope for the Hungry

Haiti Update #2 (Friday Jan 15th, 2010)
From the Hope for the Hungry President:

Greetings on Friday....Early this morning, I spoke to Jean Alix Paul about conditions in Haiti. He confirmed that all our staff, children and facilities were unscathed by the earthquake but that the majority of the homes in the Guibert area were destroyed. He spent yesterday in the Carrefour ("Car-Foo") region assisting in the resacue efforts. The greatest needs right now are for medical supplies and water purification. He has been able to procure fuel and is able to travel with difficulty into Port to help.

He has requested that we come to assist and plan relief efforts as soon as possible so reservations were made this afternoon to travel to Haiti. Those of us going are:

*Jen Sutton...Children's needs coordination and photography
*Lindsey Weaver...Administration and financial needs / budget coordination
*Mike Lawson...Project Planning and Volunteer Team / Travel coordination
*Dan Kirkley....Funding and distribution coordination

We are leaving Wednesday the 20th and returning Wednesday the 27th. We will be ditributing +/- 100 water filtration systems we are purchasing at be delivered to our office by Tuesday. We will take medical supplies including wound meds, antibiotics, etc. and use those as far as they will go. We will begin planning the long-term efforts, including the medical teams, food distrubution gorups and construction teams.

We are building our team volunteer profiles now, so if you know anyone who would like to go and help, let us know. This is, obviously going to be a lengthy journey, so we will be sending groups on a pretty constant basis.

Pray for the multitude of Haitians who are still alive under the rubble that God will come to their rescue. Pray, also, that many many Haitians will meet Him during this crisis.

Dan Kirkley, President
Hope for the Hungry
(254) 939-2795 ext. 204
(254) 718-1462 cell
PO Box 786
Belton, Texas 76513

Update #1 From the President of Hope for the Hungry: (Wednesday Jan 13th, 2010)

Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and concern for the people of Haiti. Below is a brief update from the President of Hope for the Hungry. As more information becomes available, I will pass it along. Please continue to pray for this dire situation. ---Jen Sutton

At approximately 10:40 PM last night, we were able to get a call through to our leadership in Port-au-Prince. We have found out that our children are safe, our staff and families are safe and that our facilities are principally untouched. Sadly, however, the single-family homes around our Children's homes are about 80% destroyed.
Today, we are searching for survivors and the injured. In the next few days we will be sending teams as transportation permits. Our first priorities are:
#1. Assist the injured
#2. Provide potable water
#3. Provide food
#4. Provide sanitation
#5. Begin rebuilding

Please feel free to call us (254) 939-0124. As details are provided from Haiti, we will keep you informed of the progress being made in our assisting the people of Haiti.

If you would like to partner with us in this effort, go to our Cause site: HOPE FOR THE HUNGRY and click on the fundraising bar, or follow the link:

100% of contributions made toward the "Haiti Emergency" fund will be sent to Haiti. (We will use none of those funds administratively in our home office).

Thank you, again, for your interest and prayers. We are asking God to touch Haiti and her people with a new hunger for Him.

In His service,

Dan Kirkley
Hope for the Hungry