The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ou revoir 2014!

Work Day #3 was an easy one. We only worked half a day because we were finishing all of the rooms today. We put the final touches on what we could and now every room that was ready to be painted was! 

It was another day of spending time with our Haitian friends. Our older boys helped out a ton today. Some would even just come and take the brush out of our hand... I am so thankful that they have been around this week. It's been so positive to see them learning different "trades". They have been measuring and cutting cabinets, doing masonry, concrete and tile work, and of course painting.  

During these days, they have been able to see how what they're learning in school actually translates into real world settings. It has given them a taste of what life could look like after they finish school and see what fits them better if university isn't in the cards for them. 

Once we finished our painting work, we helped sift sand to mix into the concrete for the ceilings and walls. It is a lot of work but is an important job. 

When we filled up one of the wheelbarrows, they brought out another one that didn't have legs or wheels. It quickly became a "taxi" for everyone. 

After lunch, we headed to the Baptist Mission for some souvenir shopping and ice cream.  We've been hanging out at our Pastor's home since. 

We are about to be on our way to a New Years Celebration service at the Agape church in Petionville. This is a 4 hour service that ends at midnight tonight, so we will be singing and dancing in the New Year! 

That being said:

Bonne Anne!! (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Green and Yellow and Orange OH MY!

Work Day #2 went very well today. We spent all of our day painting four rooms. We painted the two that we primed yesterday and primed and painted another two. They are starting to look really nice. The rooms are yellow, green and orange. They are all very bright, vibrant colors but they bring a lot of life to the place!

There were a lot of people around today. There are two Haitian teams working in the rooms adjacent to us doing the ceilings and cabinetry work. Because school is out on Christmas Break we have had lots of extra help. The older boys helped us paint and carried concrete for the ceilings. There were lots of little boys playing inside with Jude so there were also marbles and little cars everywhere! 

There were always kids coming in and out of the rooms we were in inspecting the progress. By the looks on their faces, you knew exactly who was going to be living in the room as they walked through. There was so much pride as they checked out their new bedroom. It's gonna be so great when it's finished! 

After our work was done for the day, we went down to the well with some of the younger boys to get some water for the home. Each of our people had some form of container from an empty 5 gallon water bottle to an old vinegar canister. We got to see and experience first hand what it's like to pump long enough to fill a small container.

 It's hard to imagine having to do that for every drop of water you use whether it's for drinking, cooking, showering, washing dishes or clothes, or small things like washing out paint brushes. It really made us think about how wasteful we are with this precious commodity.

We're exhausted after a full day that ended with a pretty great dance party. Looking forward to another full day tomorrow.

Here are some ways for you to pray for us:

- to have a productive work day
- safety while we work and travel
- continued conversations with our friends
- flexibility as we figure out the rest of our week with the new year holiday (Wed-Fri) break


Monday, December 29, 2014

Change is coming!

Work Day #1 was a great start to our week. All we knew when we got here was that we were going to be doing some construction on the boys home. Little did we know the entire boys home is being completely remodeled. Every room is changing... Needless to say, there is a lot to be done and lots of ways for us to serve this week.

When we first got to the home, we took a tour of the property and checked out all that has been done in the past few months. Oh my goodness, they have been busy! 

There has been so much progress made on both the mission home and the apartment. They are just about ready for people!  The school has also had a major overhaul. Each of the classrooms are painted and there is a beautiful mural on the front of the school. It looks so nice!

As I mentioned, the boys home is undergoing a huge overhaul. Each of the rooms are changing in some capacity. The total structure of the home is transforming to more of a small group set up. Currently, our boys are in three bedrooms. The new setup will have them broken down even more by age and will have an additional living space for a "house parent" for each of the rooms. 

Today, we jumped right in and started priming two of the existing rooms. They used to be a study/lunch room and the older boys bedroom, but now they will house more boys. They have also built an additional room out the back of the space. After the painting was done, the guys helped with some of the concrete work and passed buckets to the back. 

When we finished all we could for the day, we took a much needed break and got to play with the kiddos who were hanging around. Some played basketball, others played on the playground, and others were sitting and sharing pictures. 

We left for the day excited to return tomorrow. There is a lot of work to be done and we are excited to see how much progress we make this week.

Here are some ways you can pray for us.

- safety while we work
- productive days that will truly make an impact 
- good and fruitful conversations with those we are working with
- pray for the home leadership as they implement the living transition over the next several weeks

Sunday, December 28, 2014

We're back!!

It took us two days to get here, but we have made it to Haiti! After a night's sleep in Miami, we woke at 4am this morning to catch our early flight here.  Although we didn't make it in time for church, we have been able to get some much needed rest to prepare for the week ahead.

This is gonna be a fun and unique trip for us. We will be doing some work on the boys home to update the arrangement of the boys rooms. We will have a fun celebration for the New Year and will get to spend a lot of time with the boys because they are all still on Christmas break. 

Ways to pray:
- safety for our week of work
- flexibility with our tasks 
- fruitful conversations with our boys
- a good nights rest for all of us

Friday, July 25, 2014

Over and out

Today was our last day in Haiti. We start the journey home very early in the morning.

We had a relaxing day compared to the others. We took our time getting out of the house after breakfast, went souvenir shopping, and headed to the boys home. It was a great way to end the trip. We ate a great meal with the boys and staff at the home. After lunch was eaten and cleaned up, we got to hand out all of the shoes and backpacks to the boys. It was the sweetest time! Our newest boy, Erick, has never been with us during a shoe pass out time. We started calling some of the boys names and once he saw what was happening he ran up to the front of the room, almost on top of the suitcase just waiting for his name to be called. When it finally was... man, that smile! It was great to see him laugh and be excited about something as simple as a pair of shoes and a backpack. 

After the boys received their gifts, they all walked around thanking everyone and letting us know how much they loved the gifts. Such great memories!

When we were done we had to say goodbye and go back to the pastors house. On our way out, we had a little bit of a problem getting our two vans out of a very wet and muddy road from the freak summer storm.

Pray that we will get good rest tomorrow and that we will have a safe and uneventful trip home. Thanks for serving alongside us this week.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

VBS Day 4

I cannot believe that our VBS is over already but it went so well! All week long we have looked at different aspects of godly character. Today we taught the children about loving others by serving them and telling them about God's love. Our main bible lesson was the story of Jesus calling the disciples. The kids had a great time in the assembly watching Jen and a few of the team mates act out the story during the Bible story time. For craft time, the kids made crafts with fish on them to remind each of them to be fishers of men. 

After VBS we had a big "talent show" with all of the kids. Each of the classes got to perform a song and a memory verse. They all did a great job. It is always amazing to see how well and how quickly the kids can memorize portions of scripture. One of the sweetest moments was when one of our boys Ronald led his entire class in the scripture song. Just knowing where he's come from and seeing him leading kids from his class was just phenomenal! 

After the talent show, we got to feed the kids for the last time and had a thank you talk with the translators. They were such an integral part of our VBS and we would not have been able to do anything without them.

This evening, we had a birthday party for Mackley, our pastor's son. It was a packed house! Friends, family, our 30 people team, and all of the boys from our home came. It was a nice time of just relaxing and eating A LOT! 

Tomorrow is our last day here. We will spend most of it with the boys in our home. Pray that we would "end well". Pray that we would make the most of the time we have here left. Pray for us as we leave. Goodbyes are never easy. Pray for the health of our team. We have several who aren't feeling great and need to feel better soon!

Thanks for your prayers, love, and support!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VBS Day 3

Today was such a fantastic day, everything went so smoothly. Day 3 of VBS always seems to be the best day of the week. 

Our theme for the day was about loving with our words and actions and the kids seemed to really latch on to the lesson today. We focused on respecting authority, listening and being honest. I pray that these godly character traits would truly become a part of who the kids are. 

We served the kids lunch again today and had the help of several of our older boys. And although we ran out of food yesterday, they still decided to help us instead of getting in line. It was such a powerful testimony of how they are growing up in the Lord for them to give up their lunchtime to help serve the children in our school. Such a beautiful thing to see.  

Today was our last day of Teacher Training. The whole training went really well. Everyone was so grateful for all of the new tools and techniques they now have. At the end of the training, we had an assembly with all of our team and our Haitian teachers, administrators, and translators. Each of them received a certificate for attending the training and they were over the moon excited about them. Once they were passed out, the principals gave a thank you speech to our team for coming and giving them the invaluable training they received. They said that although they can't offer us any gifts, they can pray for us and ask that God would bless each of us. Their thank you was beautiful and it touched many of the people in the room. 

Danny gave them a charge for the next school year and we had a large prayer time together. We all had the opportunity to pray over each of the teachers at all of our schools. It was such a powerful time of prayer. You could feel God's presence with us in the room. It was such a privilege to be a part of this special prayer time for our schools.

Tomorrow is our last day of VBS. Pray that the day goes smoothly and that we finish well. Pray for sweet goodbyes to the school kids, teachers, and translators. We have grown to love them over the past few days and it will be sad to leave them. I can't believe that tomorrow is our last VBS day, but I know it's gonna be a good one!