The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still Raising...

Today was a hard day of work. When we got to the boys home we started prepping things to put the metal roof on. We went into the storage room and started hunting for supplies...we did not know how hard it would be to find the things we needed. We found about 8 drills, none of which worked, 4-5 chargers and no key for the generator. We went searching for the man with the keys and turned on the generator and plugged in every drill we could.

While we waited for the drills to charge, we headed down to the mission house to help until lunch. We sifted 2 huge piles of gravel into sand for the masons to use to mix concrete. We put our heads down and got a lot done. We had some great conversations and really got to know our team better. We had several little kiddos pass through as we worked. As the pile was nearing completion and we were seeing progress a dump truck came and poured another load of gravel right where we had just cleared. It was heartbreaking and good at the same time...

This was a sign that we needed to break for lunch. We took a second and just looked around at all that was surrounding us. Haitian men working, kids playing and singing from the school and the beautiful land that is Haiti. We are so blessed to get to be here and serve alongside these friends.

After lunch we were determined to finish the roof. We pulled all of the supplies and were ready. As we tested the drills and their batteries we learned that of the 8 only 2 were working and they weren't working well... We weren't going to let this stop us. We all had our positions and lifted the first piece of sheet metal to the roof. There was much rejoicing. We had a quick roofing 101 class and started work. After a short bit of time we had completely roofed the bathroom portion, but then trouble the form of dead drills. We didn't have the tools we needed to finish. So we called it quits and cleaned up the work site.  We packed up the drills to take home and charge so that tomorrow, on our final day of work, we WILL finish the roof.

Once everything was cleaned and put away we went back to the mission house to sift more sand. Another dump truck had come while we were working so there was a lot to be done. I don't know if you have ever sifted a dump truck of gravel into sand, but it is some tough work. We tried turning it into a competition to make it more fun... It didn't really work but we tried. After several wheelbarrows of sand were sifted and mixed into cement we were told to help with another task. Little did we know it would be exhausting...

We got to help carry 40lb blocks from 150 yards up the mountain to the mission house. These blocks would be used to build a wall in the house. It was some tough work, especially in the hot Haiti sun. We made countless trips and got a good stockpile for the masons to build the wall... Mind you the wall is on the second story. So not only walking up the mountain to get the bricks but we had to carry them up a flight of stairs too.. It was exhausting.

After work was complete we got to go to the boys home and spend some time with them. Most of them were studying so we got to help where we could. John helped Asten with chemistry homework while the rest of us worked/played with the younger kids. All in all it was a great day but we are super tired.

Pray for:
1) Rest and energy. We need it!
2) Tomorrow is our last full day of work, pray that we would be a help and hopefully get to finish the roof
3) Pray for our hearts to prepare to come back home. Leaving is going to be hard, but we have many stories to share...

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