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Thursday, May 29, 2014

VBS Day 4: Walking Straight Before Him

I cannot believe that our VBS is over...

Like all of the other days, Day 4 was a success! Today, we wrapped up the week learning about loving others by serving them and telling them about Jesus. In the big assembly, I told the story about Fishers of Men. As I was talking Chris made a fishing pole and fish balloon. He also made a man to really hit home our point. The kids went ecstatic when they saw the finished product!

To finish out the week, we did lots of crafts and songs with our classes one last time. We also built in extra time for the older kids to catch up on the fun from yesterday. After lunch, we had a "show and tell" for all of the kids. Each class got to sing a song and recite a memory verse in front of the school. I was so impressed by the show... It was evident that the kids had really been listening all week because they did such an amazing job. We had our 3 year olds reciting memory verses! It was pretty incredible to hear.

It was sad to have to say goodbye to all of our kids from class, and the teachers. The kids were all so grateful for everything they were able to do this week. And it was an honor to work with our Haitian brothers and sisters. They each brought something unique to the classrooms and our team was better because of each of them.  As hard as it was, we had to say goodbye and head back to the girls home.

For just a few minutes, it rained! Although fleeting, it was nice and cooled everything off just a tad. We watched a pretty intense futbol game, which Chris was a champ in. We were quite impressed with the skills that our friends had with playing in flip flops, slip-on sandals or even barefoot. Craziness!

At the end of the day our team got together to give our reflections on the day. Our main conclusion was that we really believe that the children were listening and understood the message. Such a great thing to hear and exciting that the truths from this week will carry on in their hearts!

Tomorrow is going to be fun and relaxing. As of now, we are planning on souvenir shopping and going to the beach with the girls and our translators. We'll see what actually happens!

Here are some things to pray for:

- thank the Lord for an amazing week

- for the kids who attended our VBS, that the words that were spoken will penetrate their hearts and make them want to follow the Lord through godly behavior.

- our last day with the girls, it's always hard to get so close to someone and then leave. Pray that we are able to say sweet goodbyes to everyone.

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and support. It is definitely felt here in Haiti!

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