The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

God is bigger than what's possible: Joshua

Today was our final day of VBS. We have had a great week with the kids. Our teachers, church helpers, and translators worked hard to tell the children about God's love for them. I am so pleased by how well the VBS was received. I know that the church will use what they've learned this week to teach the children in the weeks to come. 

Today was all about how God is bigger than what's possible. We did a recap of everything we've learned this week and made today about the life of Joshua.  We taught about the Wall of Jericho and crossing the Jordan River. During craft time, the class got to pick out a rock and write something they learned on it to remember this week. Most of them wrote "songs and verses". Good to know they were listening!

I can't believe the week is already over. It seems as though as soon as we get in the swing of things it's time to leave. Saying goodbye to the kids was bittersweet but we are happy to have taught them about Gods love this week.

After the VBS we were able to hand out backpacks and shoes to each of the children at the home. Everyone was so excited to receive their things. Our five new girls were over the moon when they received something that was just theirs for the first time. It's always such a blessing to see their faces as they receive something so simple that brings so much joy. 

After we passed out backpacks, we played soccer, danced, and relaxed a bit before heading to bed.

Tomorrow will be a fun day. We are taking all of the kids to the beach! It should be a great time and for some of the new girls, it will be the first time they swim!

Pray for us as our time here wraps up. We are tired of the heat and sweat but will be sad to leave our new friends. 

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