The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

VBS Day 2

Day 2 VBS is done and went really well. Our numbers actually grew a little bit today, and we made a slight change to our plan. Instead of all of the kindergarten being in one large class we were able to find a few more translators which made things much easier. 

In our assembly we saw that the kids are planning ahead and are learning the memory verses before we start, which is awesome! Today we focused on how man looks at the outer appearance and God looks at the heart. We saw how he did this through David's life and focused on David and Goliath and how King Saul responded to this. The kids even presented a skit with props today. It was very hard to hear, but they did a great job. 

One of the highlights of the day was hearing the kids sing praises. They let their voices ring out and it is an amazing experience. 

Our class time went well today. We had the kids try out several makeshift slingshots and it was a lot of fun. They also got to see what it was like to walk in Goliath's shoes, it was really difficult but hilarious to watch. We are slowly learning names and building relationships with our kids.

It is great having the church volunteers with us. Some of them are really stepping up and leading out. The day always ends with lunch. It is the sweetest thing to see the kids get out their bowls and silverware, wash their hands, and then say their prayers for the meal. Some of us were able to help serve the food and pray over the kids. 

We then came back to the girls home and had lunch. Now we are helping out around the house by cleaning, doing dishes, helping with dinner, peeling peas, braiding hair, helping with homework, and having a great time. Everyone is really enjoying themselves and building relationships. It is crazy to think that we are half way through our time here. 

Pray for us to continue strong as we serve here. Pray for recovery, that we could get good rest. Pray for the heat, it is pretty hot his week. Pray for our relationships with the friends we are meeting.

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