The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  I felt liking asking that question several times over the last few days.   After covering many miles over less than ideal roads and narrow mountain passages we have returned to the Paul home this evening.

Our time in Ferrier and Drouin was well spent as we see great improvement in the teachers and an earnest desire to learn and grow in their profession.   I am more excited for our teacher training this summer after spending the last couple of days seeing the sizable impact these schools are having in their communities.

It is always great to spend time in Ferrier at the Girl's Home.  They are all so sweet and we had lots of fun making silly videos, playing with Stephanie's hair, and singing under the stars.  We currently have five new girls living at the home, all have arrived in the last few months.  They are between the ages of 3 & 9.  They are still a little scared and wary of their new home, but it is great to see the older girls surround them with love and the house parents provide such great care.   Last night as we sat around talking, one of the new girls brought out a school book to work on.  It was sweet to watch the older girls coach, correct, and encourage her as she recited her lessons.  The more they encouraged her the louder and bolder she became in answering the questions from her book.  We watched as this little girl bloomed under the love, affection, and attention of her new family right there in front of us.

I cannot imagine the pain and hurt experienced by a child losing the only family they have ever known.  It is a scar that these children carry with them for the rest of their lives.  But, what I can speak to is the remarkable healing that occurs when the love that flows from Christ is poured into the lives of these children.  It doesn't always make the pain go away, but it does make it bearable knowing that there are good people who love you, motivated by the greatest love of all, the love of God.  God does not promise us a pain-free life, but He does promise that He will never leave us.  That is a powerful message for these young girls to learn.

When you give to Hope for the Hungry, you are empowering and equipping our partners here to be the visible reflection of God's loving presence.  Whether it's $12  a month to Educate Haiti to provide education and free lunch for1 child; or $25 (or $50 or $75 or $100) to support the work of the Children's Homes here in Haiti as they care for and love these precious orphans, you are partnering with us to create an environment and opportunity for the love of God to provide Hope.   If you have not joined us yet, I encourage you to check out our website at for information on how to partner with us in serving the Lord.

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