The mission of Hope For The Hungry is to "Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World". God has called us to serve people who suffer from hunger that is both spiritual and physical. According to scriptural mandate, we offer food for the body and salvation for the spirit to those who do not know Jesus Christ and will suffer eternal death without Him.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Doing More Together

We are preparing to head home this morning. Our final day yesterday was a good day.  We visited the fourth school in the mountain village of Marotherie.  Marotherie is very rural, remote, and high up in the mountains of Haiti.  It is a beautiful place but also a difficult place to live.

The school in Marotherie is working hard to provide better opportunities for the children of the community.  The local pastor, Pastor Velez, is very involved with the school, sharing the love of Christ with the children and their families.

As we head home our minds are filled with thoughts of the future and the possibilities for what the Lord wants to continue to do here.  We are excited but humbled to be a small part of God's redemptive plan for Haiti.  Life change, community change, and culture change are challenging tasks and not for the faint of heart or easily defeated; Hope for the Hungry continues to embrace this task as the Lord continues to provide.

As I have said in every blog this week, we cannot do this alone.  The task requires all of us to do our part in obedience to the Lord's command and call.  God has called all of us to pray and for those prayers we are eternally grateful.  Because of your prayers and requests for God's provision on our behalf, we are amazed at God's faithfulness.  All week I have presented appeals and challenges for more or continued financial support.  The work is not complete and so the need remains.  So my final challenge for this trip blog is to ask that if you have not committed to praying for the work of Hope for the Hungry, begin to do so today.  If you have been praying but not committed to give, begin to do so today. If you have been giving but have not shared your heart for Hope for the Hungry with your friends, family, or associates, begin to do so today.  The task is far bigger than any one of us can accomplish but together, as The Body of Christ, we can do all that God has asked with joyful obedience.

Texas, here we come.

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